Fine Craftsmanship

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The Wallace Collection Catalogue of Furniture

NEWLY BACK IN STOCK The Wallace Collection has the finest collection of eighteenth-century furniture outside France. Numbering over five hundred pieces, it includes furniture by the greatest Parisian cabinet makers, beginning with André-Charles Boulle and continuing through the major craftsmen of the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI. More

Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence: The Courtauld Wedding Chests

Accompanying an exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery, this catalogue explores one of the most important and historically neglected art forms of Renaissance Florence: cassoni – pairs of chests that were lavishly decorated with precious metals and elaborate paintings and were often the most expensive of a whole suite of decorative objects commissioned to celebrate marriage alliances between powerful families. More

This Blessed Plot, This Earth…: English Pottery Studies in Honour of Jonathan Horne

This beautifully designed and illustrated book celebrates the career of Jonathan Horne FSA, international authority on English pottery and for forty years a London dealer at the top of his field. Encompassing a broad range of new research this book is a lasting tribute to Jonathan Horne’s many services to English pottery, a subject to which his insight, warmth and scholarship has contributed so much. More

The Wallace Collection: Catalogue of Glass and Limoges Painted Enamels

All the exquisite glasses and Limoges painted enamels in the Wallace Collection are published together for the first time as part of a new series of catalogues raisonnés. Approximately sixty glasses and thirty painted enamels are showcased within the catalogue, demonstrating both the delicacy of colour and technical superiority of Venetian and Venetian-style glass, as well as the vibrancy and relflective character of Limoges enamels. Of particular significance among the glassware are a calcedonio goblet, a trick-glass tazza and a chalice-shaped goblet enamelled with the Crucifixtion, whilst the finest Limoges enamels are lavishly embellished with religious and secular iconography. More

The Wallace Collection Catalogues: Gold Boxes

The Wallace Collection has some of the finest, and certainly some of the most famous, gold boxes in the world. Paris was the centre of taste in the 18th century and the collection contains a remarkable group of boxes by the greatest goldsmiths of the period: Jean Ducrollay, Pierre-François Drais and Louis Roucel. Charles Truman, who has catalogued the collection of gold boxes, is one of the leading authorities on the subject. In this book he discusses the history of snuff-taking and the development, manufacture and collecting of gold boxes, with a particular emphasis on the design sources from which the craftsmen responsible for these wonderful works of art took their inspiration. More

Renaissance and Baroque Silver, Mounted Porcelain and Ruby Glass from the Zilkha Collection

Silver, porcelain and ruby glass seem unlikely bedfellows, yet the objects in the Zilkha Collection are all united by the medium of silver or luxury metalwork. The objects were also made, for the most part, over about a century and a half. All of them tell a fascinating story of the particular circumstances that produced them: a maker, a workshop, a patron. They also tell the wider story of the society that made them necessary or desirable; the science that made them possible; and of their survival down the centuries. More

Court and Craft: A Masterpiece from Northern Iraq

Accompanying a major scholarly exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery, this book explores one of the most beautiful and enigmatic objects in The Courtauld’s collection: a brass container richly inlaid with gold and silver, imitating a lady’s textile or leather bag, and probably made in Mosul in northern Iraq around 1300. More


Published to accompany the first exhibition on ceramics of the Middle Ages anywhere for more than 50 years, this beautiful publication aims to demystify medieval art by highlighting the beauty and familiarity of ceramic pots and tiles from all over northern Europe, with an emphasis on 13th to early 16th-century England. More

Cameroon - Art and Kings

The ancient kingdoms of the Cameroon Grassfields are famous for their splendid artworks – thrones ornamented with precious European beads, wooden figures sculptured by unknown masters, enormous drums, finely carved jewellery made from ivory and brass, as well as fabulous masks. This exhibition catalogue presents 150 impressive masterpieces from the courts of the Grassfield kingdoms. More

Medieval Ivories and Works of Art in the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario

The Thomson collection contains examples of the highest quality of most types of medieval ivory carving, both secular and religious. These include large statuettes of the Virgin and Child intended to stand on altars in chapels, small versions for private use in the home and folding tablets or diptychs with scenes from the life of Christ carved in relief. More

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