Prince Henry Revived: Image and Exemplarity in Early Modern England

312 pages, hardback, 240 x 168 mm, 50 illustrations
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There can be few examples of intensive fashioning and self-fashioning by a Renaissance figure more remarkable than Prince Henry (1594-1612). Two decades after the appearance of Roy Strong's revelatory Henry Prince of Wales and England's Lost Renaissance this collection of essays re-examines the extraordinary artistic and cultural response to Prince Henry and presents many new findings in the context of recent scholarship. Read more

Isabel Clara Eugenia: Female Sovereignty in the Courts of Madrid and Brussels

The Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia (1566–1633), the eldest daughter of Philip of Spain, was one of the most significant female political players of the seventeenth century. Isabel, however should not be seen as political figure alone but also as a woman, embedded in the material culture of her times in manifold roles and through varied practices. More