Tomasso Brothers Fine Art

Important European Sculpture: Tomasso Brothers Fine Art

Important European Sculpture: Tomasso Brothers Fine Art

Hardback, 280 x 240, 176 pages, 130 illustrations
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ISBN: 9781911300151


By Charles Avery, Giancarlo Gentilini, Emanuela Tarizzo and Elliott Davies

This richly illustrated and scholarly catalogue accompanies an exhibition at Carlton Hobbs in New York, January 2017. Among the 25 beautiful works, dating from the early Renaissance to the Neoclassical period, are important statuettes by masters such as Gianfrancesco Susini, Willem Danielsz van Tetrode, Masimiliano Soldani-Benzi, Pietro Tacca and Joseph Nollekens.

This catalogue accompanies the latest in a series of successful exhibitions by Tomasso Brothers Fine Art at Carlton Hobbs LLC in New York, 19 – 27 January 2017. Entitled Important European Sculpture, it includes works by some of the greatest European sculptors from the renaissance, baroque and neoclassical periods: A serene polychromed stucco Madonna and Child by the workshop of Lorenzo Ghiberti (c.1378 – 1455) from c.1423 - 1440, along with two polychrome glazed terracottas by Santi (1494 – 1576) and Benedetto Buglioni (1459 – 1521). There are also a number of newly discovered masterpieces in bronze, for which Tomasso Brothers are now synonymous, which include a magnificent, striding, early bronze after the antique by Willem Danielsz van Tetrode (c.1525 – 1580). The Castiglioni Hercules and Antaeus by Pietro Tacca, is intriguingly conjectured to have been made to celebrate a marriage between the great houses of Medici and Della Rovere, between c.1620 – 1637. The exhibition also includes a unique ‘dancing’ version of the ancient Borghese Satyr by Gian Francesco Susini, a highly finished composition of Ganymede and the Eagle by Massimiliano Soldani - Benzi (1656 – 1740) and an extremely rare gilt-bronze relief by the enigmatic court sculptor to Charles I of England, Francesco Fanelli (1577 – c.1661). Amongst the finest and most exquisite objects on show are the newly discovered terracotta roundels by John Bacon the Elder (1740 – 1799) after frescoes found at Pompeii, that were later translated into black basalt and white stoneware versions by Josiah Wedgwood (1730 – 1795). Other treasures in terracotta include two works by Joseph Nollekens (1732 – 1823) depicting Eve bewailing the death of Abel and Lot and his Daughters, both believed to have been bought by J. M. W. Turner (1775 – 1851) in Nollekens’ posthumous sale of 1823. 

The carefully researched entries written by Elliot Davies and Emanuela Tarizzo are bolstered by significant contributions from Dr Charles Avery, Professor Giancarlo Gentilini, Stefano Grandesso and Lorenzo Principi. These are all diligently and insightfully edited by Paul Holberton, whilst the catalogue itself is designed with great style and sensitivity by Laura Parker. 


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