Late Medieval Panel Paintings: Methods, Materials, Meanings

298 pages, paperback, 245 x 300 mm, 440 colour illus.
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ISBN: 978 0 955339 34 9


This book is an exemplary investigation of a series of, so far, poorly documented works that will prove of great interest to those in the field. Most of the 15th- or early 16th-century panels presented here are northern European, a large number German, which have been neglected in English language studies. The panels are all almost unknown and none of them have been subjected to modern techniques of investigation – infrared, x-ray, micro-photography – until now. Read more

Late Medieval Panel Paintings: Methods Materials Meanings Vol. II

This beautiful and extensively illustrated book presents in-depth case studies of twenty-four exquisite Late Medieval panel paintings, many from the German-speaking regions of Europe, but also from Spain, France and the Southern Netherlands. These works – often fragments of larger altarpieces designed for liturgical performance and communal or private devotion – can be monumental and dramatic or small and intimate, but all on close examination prove to be rich in meaning – even in cases where the painters remain anonymous, and the precise contexts of their creation have become obscured or fragmented. More