Richard Eurich (1903-1992) Visionary Artist

96 pages, paperback, 250 x 230 mm, 100 illustrations in colour
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ISBN: 978 1 903470 11 4


Edward Chaney and Christine Clearkin, with essays by Alan Powers and Caroline Toppin and contributions to the catalogue by James Hyman, David McCann and Peyton Skipwith

If the hoped-for revival of figurative painting fails, he may prove to be one of the last in that great tradition stretching back some 30,000 years to the painters of the caves of Altamira, Lascaux and Chauvet. Like the best cave-paintings, the images Eurich created parallel rather than copy nature. His land-, sea- or townscapes tend to feature strangely isolated people, boats or buildings rather than animals; but Eurich manages to invest these with as much mystery as any bison or rhinoceros frozen in time on the walls of a Paleolithic cave.